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Electrical maintenance covers all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing, and replacing elements of an electrical system. Usually performed by a licensed professional with a complete knowledge of the National Electric Code and local regulations, electrical maintenance covers areas as diverse as:

– Digital communication

– Electrical machines

– Generators

– Hydraulics

– Lighting systems

– Pneumatics

– Surge protection

– Transformers

– VFD ( Variable Frequency Drive) 

–  HT & LT Breaker 

–  HT & LT Motor

–  MCC Panel  

– ESP Rectifier Panel, Transformer, Controller 

With an increased reliance on both data collection and machinery run by computer software, electrical maintenance is more vital than ever. The failure of a single component in the electrical system can cause extensive downtime or data loss

 Electrical Maintenance involves the fault diagnosis, routine servicing, and repair of electrical components of a machine. An electrical maintenance Engineer is responsible for planning the maintenance to ensure the smooth running of production lines in a compan